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Spring has Sprung and Change is in the Air
by Mike Babineaux

Spring has definitely sprung in the Mid-South. Looking out my window at budding daffodils and dandelions always makes me think of change. While I'm watching the buds bloom, I can watch the news and see snow falling in New York and it makes me glad to be in Memphis and makes me appreciate the kind of change that brings warm weather (and green fairways).

Change is what I'd like to talk about this month. Of all ingredients that go into creating a success, the ability to change is the most important and elusive. It isn't easy to do, but changes in our thought processes will result in changes in our behavior and attitudes. Making basic changes is something a great many people can't do - even though there are reams and reams of books, miles of video tape and a million self-improvement seminars that will tell you the basic steps to making change easy.

Very few of the people who need to make some kind of change in their lives actually do it. The difference is the desire to make needed changes within ourselves. Take changes in the way we deal with relationships, for example. These can be basic changes - a smile, a warm friendly handshake, good eye contact, a positive attitude, and good listening ability. But if you're not outgoing, friendly, and positive, with a smile on your face most times - you may have a major overhaul on your hands. It could take you a long time to become the kind of person you want to be. But, the end result will be a more positive and friendly service-oriented attitude that your friends and customers will notice and appreciate.

These changes will not just please your business contacts - they'll make your life easier. Why would you choose to go through life being unsmiling, unfriendly and contentious? You're only making your relationships, as well as your own life, more difficult. So, how do we go about making the changes that build relationship? It's easy - just draw on one of the basic ingredients of success: the desire to make changes within yourself.

That's my opinion, what's yours?





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