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by Mike Babineaux

If you're like me, you probably need a little "Kick-Start" on most mornings. I don't know how you get kick-started, but for me it's that first cup of coffee followed by about 15 minutes to myself, to think about the day and what I'm going to get done.
If I'm going to use this same philosophy to reflect on the new year, it's time to get moving right now if I am going to make 2004 the best year yet.
This is my "2004 morning" and I'm taking this opportunity to "Kick-Start" the year.
Here are three things I'm going to do to make this a better year than last:

1. This year, I'll do more Planning. I'll write down my strengths and weaknesses, the things I really enjoy doing, and what I hope to accomplish this year - things that will make me feel better about me! Then, I'm going to turn these thoughts into a plan that will help me "Kick-Start" 2004.

2. I'm also going to Dream more. The beginning of a new year is a prime time to think about what we'd like to become this year. I'm going to be dreaming some positive dreams about where I want to be when 2005 rolls around, and I'm going to turn this positive connection into a "Kick-Start" for 2004.

3. Finally, I'm going to be more Creative. No way are my thoughts going to turn into great big "no-way will it work" negatives. I'll write them down and search for facts to confirm them. I'll be realistic, but I'm not going to stifle the creativity that's going to "Kick-Start" 2004.

To sum it up, I'm going to move ahead with creative thinking, planning and dreaming in 2004. Why don't you do the same? "Kick-Start" your good ideas into the New Year!

That's my dream, what's yours? Write back and share

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