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I'm Organized, but . . .

I read a magazine article about a study done by a top New York psychologist. The article said that this study proved conclusively that disorganized people get more work done than organized people. Now, I've said that for years. But I always add that it's not very productive work. Without any intensive investigation on my part, I arrived at two theories about this study:

Theory # 1 - The study was probably paid for by the government.
Theory # 2 - It probably came in 50% over budget and two months late.

Even though this study conclusively demonstrated that disorganized people get more work done, I know it's not possible.

To prove my point, let's examine some of the study's evidence:

  • Disorganized people can find things faster because they never file them away. They're just stacked up in chronological order. For example, in order to find a week-old memo, just dig down five days' worth in the pile.

    That would be great, if only it were true (If they were in chronological order - that would be a filing system, wouldn't it?). Actually, the way it really works is that the thing on top is the last thing worked on. When the next crisis comes, it then becomes the thing on top and what was on top before becomes second from the top. I know that's a really complicated way to explain it - but that's the way it works (or doesn't work). And besides, piling up is just another way of filing things.

  • Disorganized people get great bursts of energy and use these spurts to accomplish tremendous amounts of work.

    The problem with this evidence is that the tremendous amount of work disorganized people accomplish is usually spent trying to get organized. If they were organized to begin with, they could use these great bursts of energy to go fishing, for example.

  • Disorganized people work at a faster pace.

    Remember the tortoise and hare?

  • Disorganized people are more likely to do two things at once, such as read their mail while standing in line at the bank.

    I think that if they were organized, they would have already read their mail and would have gone to the bank early when there wasn't a line.

I'm sorry Mr. Psychologist, but I think we do more productive work - when we're organized! Now, where did I put my "To Do" list . . . ?

That's my opinion, click here and tell me what's yours

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