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BEST, Inc. Services

Do you feel that your company would benefit from "State of the Art" purchasing practices?
Would you like to see more of your money go directly to The Bottom Line"?
Do you think that your purchasing people should be "Better Trained"?
Are you struggling to find just the "Right Speaker" for one of your company or association events?

If you can answer Yes to any of these questions, BEST, Inc. has help for you.
  • The purchasing practices of FedEx and other Fortune 500 companies is what made them what they are today. I know their secrets. And, I'm willing to share them with you.

  • Sometimes you don't need a lot of help, just on one project, or two. So why pay for a full-time employee, when you can buy experience as you need it. And have the protection of the agency relationship.

  • Every year companies like yours spend $60 billion to train and educate their employees. Successful companies have experienced, firsthand, that the better trained their employees are, the more their companies have achieved.

  • We have keynote speeches which can be tailored to your event that are guaranteed to inform, as well as, entertain your audience.

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If you need -
  • Intensive problem solving experience, I am a diagnostician. I can diagnose the conditions that cause loss profits and poor productivity and prescribe specific remedies.
If you need -
  • Specialized knowledge or technical skills; I am a repository of experience. I will add the benefits of my experience to your own.You will gain the knowledge of others that I've worked with.
If you need -
  • A catalyst to complete an important task; I am an idea generator. I can constantly offer you alternative approaches to problems, outlining for you the advantages and disadvantages of each of the alternatives, and encourage you to choose the right alternative.
If you need -
  • A fresh, impartial viewpoint on a problem; I am a devil's advocate. I will constantly challenge your ideas and conventional wisdom to better prepare you to confidently implement ideas and educate others regarding them.
If these are your needs,

(901) 853-0539


Have you ever wondered why you can't get more of your sales dollars to show up on the profit line of your P&L statement?

BEST, Inc. can show you two ways of using an "Agency" that will send more of your money to where it belongs - the profit line of your company.
  • First, you don't pay for people when you don't need them. I am a bonded and certified professional who knows the purchasing business and therefore, only cost you a minimum amount of time. And you know, "time is money."

  • Second, nine times out of ten a highly skilled purchasing professional will be able to buy the things you need at a quantifiable lower cost.
These, and other savings in purchase cost, go right to "your bottom line."

Call me today to discuss how BEST, Inc. can help your company keep more of its sales dollar.

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Does your company provide purchasing training in-house to your employees?

Has your company consided hiring an outside training firm to augment the in-house training currently provided to your employees?

Does your firm offer purchasing training in the first place?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, this may be eye opening. According to a study commissioned by the American Society for Training and Development, firms that invest in out-sourced training programs for their employees realize 218% higher gross income per employee than firms that rely solely on in-house programs.

In addition, companies that utilize no training whatsoever are estimated to grow at a rate three times slower than that of firms that make training a priority.

According to the information management firm, Avatech, in-house training costs up to 73% more than outsourced or consultation-based training companies. One reason is immediately evident.

On-staff trainers are more expensive in terms of salary and benefits, whereas outside training companies tend to be fee-based.

BEST, Inc. is one of those firms. Call today and hear what an out-sourced education and training firm can do for you.

(901) 853-0539

Keynote Speeches

Are you struggling to find just the right speaker for one of your company or association events?

BEST, Inc. can come to your rescue. I've developed many keynote speeches which can be tailored to your event that are guaranteed to inform, as well as, entertain your audience. Look over the topics on my Keynote Presentations page. Any of these can be delivered as a keynote speech. If you see something that catches your eye, give me a call. I'll share with you the contents and how I'd customize it to your event.

If you don't see any topics that interest you, but you know what you want to accomplish, call me. I will show you that I can create a memorable experience for you and your employees or members.

(901) 853-0539