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A International Procurement Director congratulated Mike with this remark . . .

"Thank you for such a well organized and well taught class. I had a great time and learned a lot. My most favorite take-away from the class is the concept that my company is competing at a supply chain level."

A Regional Director in Lafayette, Indiana said this about one of Mike's programs . .

"Excellent insight into what companies are working on to the mutual benefit for everyone involved. I would recommend this program to anyone."

A Senior Buyer of a Fortune 1000 packaging company wrote this about the program he attended . . .

"This program touches all the areas of a complex subject. The opportunities I identified for my company to improve are exciting."

A service company Executive had this to say about the program he attended . .

"Mike, I truly enjoyed the program. Although my company is a service provider and not a manufacturer of products, I felt the information provided set a precedence with establishing relationships with my suppliers."

An Aerospace Executive made this comment about one of Mike's programs that she attended . . .

"The program was very beneficial for me and being able to hear what others are experiencing was an exceptional value."

Babineaux helps a world-wide transportation firm adjust to JIT

"I want to extend my heartiest BRAVO ZULU to you for a successful implementation of the Just-In-Time material management philosophy at Federal Express. Programs like Just-In-Time which improve the customer service and at the same time reduce the investment in inventories are key to maintaining the competitive edge. Thank you for the fine work!"

Comments from Mike's presentation "Measuring Supplier Performance" at the 2002 PMAC Conference

"Mike was well prepared and organized"
"Presenter was very knowledgeable about the subject matter"
"This presentation helped me acquire knowledge that is directly transferable to my job"
"Tres bien!"

Evaluation Comments from 2003 ISM International Conference Presentation -
"Conflict Management in Supply Relationships"

"Entertaining and informative, best one I attended!"
"Good presentation of material"
"This was the best presentation I saw at the conference. Way to go!"
"Workshop was very good and very entertaining. A breath of fresh air"
"Great presentation, nice way to end the conference!"
"Best workshop I attended at the conference."

NAPM-National Capital Area Affiliate Seminar Evaluation

The NAPM-NCA Early Bird Proctor, Ralph Bloom III, wrote this about Mike's Early Bird Seminar, "Mr. Babineaux apparently represents an embodiment of the ideal union of content expertise and presentation skills few seminar presenters achieve. The course material was quite relevant and accessible to the majority of attendees."
"All but three of the evaluations rated the 'Program content,' Instructor,' and 'Facility' at the highest rating."

When asked to describe Mike's "Negotiating To Success" program in one word, several participants said . .

"Informative", "Excellent", "Outstanding"
"Wonderful", "Enlightening", "Awesome"
"Helpful", "Interactive", "Useful"