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Sourcing the Best Suppliers (A five step approach that results in only the best suppliers)

Strategic Sourcing for the Best Suppliers (Finding the Best suppliers for the next century)

Evaluation and Selection of the Best Supplier (Through the use of selection criteria and other evaluation tools)

The Legal Aspects of Buying (From a practicioner's perspective)

How to Analyze a Financial Statement (Whether you're picking Stocks or Suppliers - Knowing who's solvent is important)

Negotiating for Success in Today's World (Trying to understand how to succeed through negotiation techniques)

Negotiating beyond Deadlock (Moving from Confrontation to Collaboration, even after they've said No!)

Negotiating with Colleagues (A lot like negotiating with your Spouse)

Successful Negotiation Planning (The key to successful Negotiation is in the Planning)

Preparing the Request for Bids/Proposals (How to ask for the Best things)

The Measuring of the Best Supply Management Performance (Subjective, as well as Objective, yardstick applications)

The Strategic Planning of Supply Management (A goal setting kind of thing)

The Best Basic Supply Management Course (A process overview of the Supply Management function)

The Acquisition Process in Detail (A process step-by-step exploration of the events in a typical large purchase)

Introduction to Supply Chain Management (What it is and how it will affect you)

The Other Purchases, Services (The similarity and uniqueness of this undiscovered profit potential)

The 5 Best Supply Management Practices in Use Today (A Benchmarking of your own Organization)

Building and Leading the Best Acquisition Teams (Cross-functional and multi-disciplined is a recipe for success)

Proactive Project Management (Giving them what they want, when they want it)

Project Management for Leaders (How to lead for results)

Putting Together Effective Cross-Functional Teams (Forming, Norming and Storming Your Way to Success)

CPSM Certification Program (An in-depth program to prepare you for the certification tests)

Creative Problem Solving (Getting Unstuck and Finding New Solutions to Old Procurement Problems)

Presentation Skills using Visual Aids (7 by 7 Ways to Sell Yourself )

Ethics for the Supply Management Professional (Should I or Shouldn't I, What's a person to do?)

Supply Management Careers (Exploration, Planning and Reviewing Your Options)

The Time of Your Life (Getting All You Want out of Life Through Time Management)

Building Positive Relationships at Work (It's the Only Way to 8 to 5 Happiness)

Staffing Your Supply Management Organization (Interviewing for Effective Selection of Candidates)

Putting Customer Service into Supply Management Practices (Happy Customers are Repeat Customers)

Making Meetings Work (How to Plan, Organize and Conduct Productive Meetings)

Reengineering the Supply Management Function (Putting Round Pegs in Round Holes)

The Business of Risk (Taking the Risk out of Supply Management)

Only Babies Like a Change (so don't think you're all alone)